This year I entered the competition and I entered a trio called discombobulated which is a series of three collages with headless models with cogs, a tree and jigsaw pieces coming out of the neck which represent the place where the head is supposed to be. I also did a piece about psychology called “alone”. I believe this piece speaks for it self.

My inspiration behind this piece was to create an installation that could represent change and moods. The change represents the change in mental health; each individual grows and develops and one day leaves hospital. Mood as the installation is on casters so the body and wings can be moved to create and represent a mood. There are also lights in the main body that can be switched on from the back.
One wing’s pattern is displayed backwards to represent that no matter how hard we try to stabilize our mental health, there is always one thing in life that causes us to become off balance.
This was created using recycled wood and hospital paraphernalia including: medicine pots, syringes and bottle tops. The main body is decopatch with the BNF book and a section paper at the bottom.