'Lies' Book

I lie, you lie, we all lie. We do it every day for a variety of reasons: to look good, to stay out of trouble or even to protect others and ourselves from being hurt.

We all have a past; a story to tell; a truth buried so deeply within ourselves that we no longer believe it. Lies are like onions. The layers build up and the more lies you tell the more lies you have to remember, along with who you told them to. People themselves are also like onions. Peeling each layer back only reveals a new layer that could be seen as the truth. The more lies and layers that are pulled back the more the real us is revealed. People do this to shield their vulnerable inner selves from everything that life throws at them. Some of us do not have as many layers as others. However, we rarely find out what lies underneath all the deception and false representation that protects our inner selves.

After all, we all lie and we do it because we are scared or simply because the truth hurts and is better left unsaid.